Batts Hill Cucumber and Clementine 75

Love gin? Love champagne? Combine the two in this twist on the classic French 75 cocktail- sure to be a hit at your Christmas & New Years celebrations this year.
Introducing the Batts Hill Cucumber and Clementine 75.
Ingredients (for 1):
30ml Batts Hill Cucumber and Clementine Gin
30ml fresh Clementine juice
10ml sugar syrup
Add the gin, clementine juice, sugar syrup, and a handful of ice into cocktail shaker. Shake until it feels freezing cold (about 20seconds).
Strain the liquid into a champagne flute. Top with a little champagne, leave to settle (as it will bubble up) then fill up with more champagne. Swirl gently with a cocktail stirrer then garnish with a strip of clementine peel if you like.
This cocktail will certainly suit every type of festive evening you’ll enjoy from tonight on through into the new year... and beyond!

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