Batts Hill Surrey Gin Clementine Negroni

A Negroni is one of our favourite cocktails! It is considered an aperitivo which is a pre-meal drink; the experience of aperitivo is a cultural ritual. Derived from the Latin aperire, the tradition is meant “to open” the stomach before dining... so this will go down exceptional well before your Christmas day (or any) feast!

Clementine Negroni

Ingredients for 1: 

  • 25ml Batts Hill Cucumber & Clementine gin 
  • 25ml Campari 
  • 25ml Rosso vermouth 
  • Ice 
  • Clementine peel for garnish  

This cocktail is built over ice in an old fashioned rocks glass. Pour in equal parts of Campari, Rosso vermouth & Batts Hill Cucumber & Clementine Gin. Stir for 15 seconds until the glass feels cold. Garnish with Clementine tweel!

Merry Ginmas!


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