Batts Hill Gin-infused Chicken Liver Pâté

Our Batts Hill gin-infused creamy chicken liver pâté was so popular over the festive period we have decided to release it again for #ginuary! It makes for a perfect starter or light lunch, particularly if you feel like flexing your culinary skills for a lockdown birthday or anniversary celebration at home...
250g chicken livers
150g butter + 50g to top the parfait
2 sprigs of thyme
2 bay leaf
1 onion (finely chopped)
100ml double cream
30ml Batts Hill Surrey dry gin
For the topping: a bay leaf, Branson tangy chutney, butter
Caramelise the onion in 50g of butter. When the onion is soft and sticky add the rest of the butter, the chicken livers, finely chopped thyme, 1 x bay leaf, and Batts Hill Surrey dry gin. Season with salt and lots of black pepper. Fry for 5-10 min being careful not to overcook the ingredients.
Remove from heat, and take out the bay leaf. Add the double cream, and blitz in a food processor until smooth.
Spoon into a ramekin and smooth over the surface. Lay the bay leaf on the top and pour over with melted butter and allow it to set. Add a dollop of Branson tangy chutney and serve with sourdough bread 🥖 and a refreshing gin and tonic.
Batts Hill, perfect for pairing, perfect for sharing.

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