Batts Hill Gin Soaked Fruit with Honey and Mint Yogurt

There is something very special about serving Batts Hill Gin soaked fruit at the end of the meal. Easy. Boozy & Beautiful.

Serves 4  


  • 4 Plums, halved and stoned 
  • 4 apricots, halved and stoned 
  • 4 nectarines or peaches, halved and stoned  
  • 5 tbls Batts Hill Cucumber and Clementine Gin  
  • Half tsp of caraway seeds 
  • 10 mint leaves 
  • 200g of Greek yogurt 
  • 4 tsp honey  
  • Hand full of mixed nuts (optional) 


  1. Put all the fruit, mint and caraway seeds in a large bowl and drizzle 3 tablespoons of Batts Hill Cucumber and Clementine Gin over it- give it a tumble and let this marinade for an hour or two. 
  2. Now remove the fruit and grill on a hot griddle pan turning once for about 2 –3 min a side depending on the ripeness.  
  3. Now it is time to Flambé the fruit- this will add a great depth of flavour to the dish. Pour the remaining gin over the fruit, give it a swirl and tip the pan slightly towards the flame of the stove until it ignites the alcohol 🔥  
  4. Set the fruit aside  
  5. Take the marinading liquid and mix through the yogurt, gently folding it through.  
  6. Plate a big spoon of yogurt in the bottom of a plate and stack the different fruit in a neat pile  
  7. Finish with a teaspoon of drizzled honey and top with some nuts, if you wish. 

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