Batts Hill Gin with Campari and Clementine Tonic

Sipping on a crisp gin cocktail on weekend is one of life's great but simple pleasures.
Batts Hill gin and Campari liqueur are made for one another. The smooth citrus and spice of the gin marry perfectly with the flavour of the bittersweet spicy Campari. Topped with a clementine tonic and a squeeze of lime makes this the ideal Bank holiday drink.
50ml Batts Hill gin
25ml Campari
150ml Clementine tonic
Lime wedge for squeezing
Lime twirl to garnish
Pour Batts Hill gin and Campari into a large balloon goblet, squeeze in the juice of a lime and add lots of ice, and top with clementine tonic. Top with a lime twirl and serve immediately!
**Campari can be switched for Aperol - which will make this cocktail sweeter and less bitter.

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