Batts Hill Grape and Mint Gin Smash

Do you have some leftover grapes? Love mint? Love gin?
Then this is the perfect late summer cocktail for you, a Batts Hill Grape and Mint Gin Smash.
This variation on the modern Basil Gin Smash is light, combining tangy mint and lemon with sweet grapes and our Surrey Dry gin.
We think it’s late summer in a glass.
A smash as its name implies is a style of cocktail where fruits are first muddled and then shaken.
50ml Batts Hill gin
3 lemon wedges
5 red grapes
6 mint leaves
15ml elderflower cordial
Pressed apple juice
Using large blocks of ice muddle the fresh fruit in a shaker with. Add the gin and elderflower cordial. Shake again and strain over ice blocks in a rocks glass. Garnish with lemon and apple slices and a few mint leaves.
Refreshing, delicious, and so easy to make at home!
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